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Stage 1
The TripleE Method enables participants to get more on-site appointments by telephone, succeed better at these appointments and thus generate more qualified business opportunities (Increasing & improving level of activity).


TripleE Stage1

Duration: 3 days in intervals of 4 – 8 weeks each
Day 1
During a one-day kick-off event, individual capabilities (sales oriented) are identified on a SWOT analysis basis. At the same time, possibilities are communicated in order to activate the key potentials and compensate the deficiencies.
The day’s goal is to point out and to exercise basic essentials of communication in order to optimize the sales force particularly with regards to telephone selling.

Day 2
On day two, the participants are not only familiarized with techniques to create successful initial and follow up on-site sales calls, they will also be introduced to further tools enabling them to increase their effectiveness and efficiency long-term.

The day’s goal is to learn of and use new possibilities, to generate more qualified sales opportunities and develop them further.


Day 3
On the third day it is essential to deepen methods and techniques, implement experiences made and refine quality of the communication skills. Focus will be on conversational skills and objection-handling process.

The day’s goal is to master ways and means to close qualified opportunities thus beating the competition.


 » Person affected becomes
                         person involved. «

  • Capability for enthusiasm
  • Open-minded / close-minded
  • SWOT analysis customer / partner
  • Making phone calls fascinating, being
        successful in making appointments
  • Key potential for success / deficits
  • Personal performance plan
  •   Focus: Telephone selling


       » Being proactive for
                          successful impact. «

  • Goal versus time management
        (feature, advantage,benefit)
  • Structured sales process
        (Tick Tack ’Toe)
  • Analyze investigation / resistence
  • On-site sales call (guideline)
  • Personal performance plan
  • Focus: On-site sales calls


      » Seize opportunities,
                          generate success! «

  • Effectiveness / efficiency
  • Achieve agreement / remove
        obstacles (DIVA)
  • Ability to behave in an appropriate
        manner (controlled, structured)
  • eading edge sales calls
  • Personal performance plan

    Focus: Objection handling
  • Action level

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